Serasa Experian

All economic specialists indicate that the Brazilian economy passes for a deceleration process. That is good or bad? He depends on the vision and the belief of the analyst. For many it is bad because the economy does not advance, for a lesser chain, in which I am part, it is hour to think rationally and to perceive the real signalling that the economy indicates. We go to analyze on the perspective of one tax policy that he intends to reduce interests in short term and to objectify the one best one resulted for the economic growth in long stated period when answering the following question: how to reduce the tax of interests? It seems simple, but as economy is not an accurate science, the solution finds many 0 variable and that nor always they are the best answers. One of the 0 variable that influence the growth of the product is the private and public consumption. The propensity to consume, when high, it reduces the propensity to save. Of this form, the somatrio between saving and consuming is equal to the income. For example: the propensity to consume is of 90%.

As the income is the 100% of what the person possesss propensity to save will be of 10%. What we perceive in the current Brazilian economy? The index of insolvency calculated for the Serasa Experian raised in 4,5% for companies, is the rise of the index of the families. The information of this statistics is that the consumption is above of the income, that is, 100% of the income and a little more is propensity of the consumption, extracting of this information that the propensity to save is negative. Being thus, the economy does not generate saving that will be coated for investment. Soon the growth in long stated period is engaged. A form to raise the saving and to stimulate the domestic economic agents to save is reducing the consumption in short term.

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