Biographical Essay

Richard Wagner and Karl vollmoeller starting from Richard Wagner’s theoretical font “The artwork of the future”, in which he introduces the concept of the “gesamtkunstwerk”, describes in which way the poet, screenwriter, playwright, and Karl vollmoeller world citizens devoted himself this Wagnerian idea, in what manner he sought to put Wagner’s idea of the “artists of the future” and to live Frederik D. Tunnat in his biographical essay, how, to, so Tunnat, finally stage his life and work more or less in the sense of Wagner as a “Work of art”. When I got this book, essay, on the table, I felt a certain, almost violent dislike me to be very concerned, to read it first. Richard Wagner means little to nothing to me I never pilgrimage to Bayreuth, whose operas I don’t much like the I, that some have read negative! So, my motivation to write something about this book the Edition Vendramin, had to first dine from the fact, that it a request was, I had to meet and wanted; also, my earlier reading the biography of Karl vollmoeller, had I not only like to read, but that enriched my knowledge motivated me a little. In this respect I made me so with mixed feelings because, to write something about this new release of the Edition Vendramin. It was of course necessary to read the book, and to deal with the unloved Wagner. To my inner surprise text pulled me faster and deeper in its spell, as I had believed that. At least I learned something about Wagner’s theoretical book, got comfortable as bright a explained the term “Gesamtkunstwerk”, and learned that Wagner had left an unfinished work “Wieland of the Schmiedt”. The fact that Wagner had engaged for the famous 1848/49er revolution personally, he was at the time a warrant wanted rebel, who had brought to Paris in security was new for me.

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