Crocheted Sleeves

An urban movement has decorated ten bollards with colorful covers. Through the Internet the collective Urban Knitting has taken this action. This group looks for goals to decorate them, make them more beautiful and kind. A dozen of bollards decorated with colorful crocheted pillowcases adorned several days ago the old part of Valencia, an idea that seems both neighbors and traders happy and very original. Through the Internet the collective Urban Knitting has taken this action aimed – drawn – to find new targets, decorate them, make them more beautiful, funny and kind. In the heart of the barrio del Carmen, next to the Plaza of the Negrito, ten bollards endure heat perfectly sheathed with pieces of bright colours, apparently since last Sunday, according to several residents of the area have commented. Adriana Latino, the neighborhood merchant, has considered that an artist could be the author of the covers of the bollards, since a few days ago they saw a girls put the caps, and has qualified the idea of great, fantastic and very original. I am artistic, not of protest; It is a sample of art or something original, that is characteristic of the historic, said Latino, who explained that tourists take them photos because it is something that attracts much attention.

However, Jose, a neighbor, believes that the bollards have been decorated so that they are removed and cars can park on the sidewalks. There was a bit of a mess because they wanted them removed so they aparcaran cars, but neighbors want tranquility, said Joseph, who added that although he considers a good idea decorate the bollards, people spend a little. Jose Ramon Lloria has explained that he has come to see the bollards closely after having known through his appearance, an idea that seems cheerful and fun Internet. They should make the Carmen well, more colorful and more cheerful, he has pointed out. Also Henrietta Rico, who works in the area although he resides in Torrent, has pointed out that you it’s a very nice initiative and very cool and like Catalan, has urged more bollards will decorate.

If you can put a few more, better, said. In his view, it is much nicer to see the bollards decorated with colours that see beer cans on the floor of this neighborhood, one of the most frequented of the Valencian nightlife. A Valencian group of weavers and ganchilleras has been claimed on his blog as responsible for the covers of crochet that adorn a dozen of bollards of the historic center of Valencia since last Sunday. On its internet page, the collective Urban Knitting assumes proud his action, carried out on Sunday at noon and for which they had summoned his followers, providing measures of bollards and announcing his intention to dress these urban elements that prevent the invasion of sidewalks by cars. Urban Knitting is defined as a form of festive and peaceful expression which aims to cover or covering part of the world that surrounds us with woven wool, an artistic movement harmless graffiti. Source of the news: decorate some bollards in Valencia with crocheted pillowcases

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