Central Bank European

Markets are unstable again. There are many events of various kinds which are affecting the interaction of the variables hampering the processes of revitalization of the economies. An economic situation which does not improve and that has economies of the European Union in check before the future decision of the Central Bank European increase official rates for the first time since 2009, a decision that will be known next Friday. While at the beginning of year from our informative meeting point listed are that, given the envisaged scenario, the pound would remain a strong currency against the euro, an advantage that is planned in a scenario in which parity between the pound and the dollar showed as a reality consolidated in 2010 and with a tendency to remain in 2011 and, specifically in a scenario in which the dollar stood at an advantageous position against the euro. Currently, different events of all kinds which have been produced with the same unpredictability and dynamism with which the markets occur have located at the crossroads euro /libra at risk on the upside.

The euro consolidates as wary investors refuge currency and the pound ahead of the Community currency. The highs reached by the euro exchange pound and located in a 0.98 markup in the month of December 2008, have maintained a constant downward trend in which the protagonism euro holds it in its relationship with the dollar after marking highs and hikes continued yen. Nor has failed to the dollar break with downward trends experienced by the dollar against the pound, a trend that has also remained at crossings with the franc and the Canadian dollar. Highlights at the present time is the evolution of the Community currency, transformed into the refuge of the investors, complicates even weakened recovery in the European Union.

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