Mobile Devices

Who does its banking with your mobile phone or Smartphone, should comply with the same safety standards as in online banking. “Berlin fixing applications for cell phones and Smartphones, short apps”, are on the rise worldwide. Thanks to these programmes by banks and bank-independent providers, bank customers can complete their banking transactions in the subway, in the restaurant, at the bus stop or in Park. Apply in the mobile banking basically similar precautions as for online banking at home on the PC. The online comparison portal for financial and insurance are tips on the subject of security in online banking through mobile devices like iPhone or Android.

Avoid phishing attacks phishing attacks are at least as dangerous as in online banking for mobile banking. Often, a phishing filter, which could protect users from attacks is missing from the Smartphone as opposed to the computer. Get bank customers by E-Mail or SMS anywhere to enter a prompt Bank data, they should ignore them. Updates by Protect operating systems operating systems of mobile phones should be kept just like on a computer at regular intervals up to date. Important for bank customers to know: attacks on the mobile phone or Smartphone expire not always directly from the mobile device.

In some cases the computer is attacked first, later about him the phone. This can happen with phishing Web sites that require the user on the computer to enter the mobile phone number. Then then sent an infected SMS to your phone. avoid mTAN procedure of “mobile banking” bank customers should never use the mTAN method for mobile banking. The procedure is not sure about the cell phone, the TAN on the device is used also for the banking. Online banking with mTAN TAN transfer and banking are separated and therefore secure. Enable locking function and who would like to settle banking on his mobile device, ensure encryption of the connection should also use the automatic locking function. So not everyone immediately to the data on the phone will come, when unattended it for a short time. Also users on a sufficient encryption on W-LAN connections should make sure and send no device ID via Bluetooth. So, more difficult access to the data on the phone have criminals even over Wi-Fi spots and Bluetooth. More Advisor tips on the subject of security for mobile banking find bank customers to the website of under:..

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