Offshore Banking

The New Zealand offshore banking is a pure online bank without any restrictions. A New Zealand offshore bank (the legally correct term is: New Zealand financial services company with approval for banking services in accordance with the Bank Act New Zealand), can both individuals and companies offer worldwide banking services without limiting the number of customers, the amount of deposits or the number of currencies. The New Zealand offshore can provide almost all the Services Bank, offered by a bank with A license, however, the Word Bank may”not be carried in the name. Variations like Bancorp., savings bank, Credit Union, savings & loan, etc. are however allowed. A New Zealand offshore activities include the following services may include Bank, they are but not limited: deposit transactions and credit/debit card and credit card service output of financial guarantees and financial instruments service in the field of cash management giro cheque accounts Savings accounts date money transfers payment funds management investment marketing the New Zealand offshore bank governed by not establishing capital reserves. Directors and shareholders may have any nationality and their place of residence can be located in any country. The company of the Bank is to the legal form of limited (Ltd.).

The shareholders of limited can be domestic and foreign natural – or legal persons. Due to different legal considerations a German but not directly/recognizable controlling natural or legal person (more than 50%) in the New Zealand company should have influence. Here, such as a foreign company could be established and as a shareholder “interposed”. Contact: Axantra consult Ltd. international company of information, financial & business consulting Suite B, 29 Harley Street London W1G 9QR, United Kingdom phone: + 44 203 3970 940 (German-speaking) fax: + 44 203 3970 950 Internet:

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