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Chooses the country in which to work, learn, live! You want to see the world and learn the culture of foreign countries to improve foreign language skills, gain work experience in foreign companies, and finally earn serious money? Of course, yes! But to go headlong clear where scary Just for those that have different programs that will help you to choose. Now I will introduce you to some of the them. au pair program is an international youth exchange program to study a foreign language, cultural and language program. The main goal of AU-PAIR program is to improve knowledge of foreign languages and familiarity with the culture of the country. The period duration of the program (residency) you go into the inviting family, as a member of the family with certain rights and responsibilities.

In Your responsibilities will include supervision and childcare, performing simple household chores. The family will provide you with a separate room, meals, pocket money, travel tickets and medical insurance. Also give you the opportunity to attend courses foreign language and participate in cultural activities. You in turn must be responsible and conscientious. Under this program, the following options: Work and study German in in families, and learning German yazykRabota and study French in FrantsiiRabota and learning English in SShARabota and learning a foreign language in Denmark and unskilled jobs in the U.S.

The program provides an opportunity for 6-9 months (possible extension to 3 years old) to work legally in the U.S. on a visa H-2B. Typically, this is seasonal work in restaurants, hotels, theme parks and resorts. Visa category H-2B there to help American companies are experiencing a temporary shortage of skilled labor. Visa category H-2B issued skilled and unskilled workers coming to the U.S. for temporary work. program career training usa – internships in U.S. companies goal of the Career Training usa / internship usa is to get experience in American companies specialty, improving skills and knowledge in the field of training, familiarity with U.S. business practices and methods of work. Typically, training involves getting work experience in various departments of the host Company (if feasible) in order to get an idea of the whole company and the industry as a whole. The program duration is determined by your goals and plan for an internship, which claims host company. Most often it is 6-18 months. Internships are usually paid (from $ 6 per hour), which compensates for the cost of meals and lodging in the U.S More information about the conditions of this program is available here. Program work and travel usa. Work in the usa. Undergraduate and graduate students are not final year students have the opportunity to participate in the most popular youth cultural exchange program work and travel usa. Students are given the opportunity to spend an unforgettable summer at the other side of the globe in the U.S., to recoup expenses, working on the proposed vacancy increase the level of English, see the country and making new friends. Program participants are given the right to work legally within 2-4 months and the opportunity to travel to the U.S. within 30 days after operation. Program work and travel usa conducted jointly with U.S. companies and funds that are entitled to issue form DS-2019 – an official document for J-1 visa needed to work on U.S. territory. With podrobnostyamietih and other programs – existing vacancies, delays in obtaining and exit requirements for program participants is available here.

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