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The Registry

Once selected the good it agrees to visit it personally and to contact with the owner, because there is the possibility of reaching extrajudicial agreements before arriving at the date of auction. The visit to the building premite to only see the state in that are as well as its surroundings, house that contain the […]

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Immigration Law

To initiate a new project of life in a country different from the one from birth is one of the most important decisions and vital than they are possible to be taken. But, to initiate a new life in a country like the United States is, additionally, an objective for which a guide requires itself, […]

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Central Bank European

Markets are unstable again. There are many events of various kinds which are affecting the interaction of the variables hampering the processes of revitalization of the economies. An economic situation which does not improve and that has economies of the European Union in check before the future decision of the Central Bank European increase official […]

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