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Senior Quality Management

The Senior Management is frustrated by the results, which do not go beyond the improvement of corporate image and its executives are adding to the growing list of those who believe that management systems are nothing more than marketing for the organization. Why is this?, Do you really management systems of quality can not say […]

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Central Bank European

Markets are unstable again. There are many events of various kinds which are affecting the interaction of the variables hampering the processes of revitalization of the economies. An economic situation which does not improve and that has economies of the European Union in check before the future decision of the Central Bank European increase official […]

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National Assembly

Since the Sandinista judges not summoned all their Liberal peersBefore retiring from his offices of the tribunal, after completed the workday had not had news of that announcement had any “to learn of that judgment, complained Martinez.el former President of Parliament and constitutional expert Cairo Manuel Lopez told AFP that Sandinista judges committed excess of […]

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