Periodical Banks

An evidence of this, supports, it is the fall in the relation enters the number of agencies and the population. Until the decade of 1980, the Ipea says, had a bank agency for each 8 a thousand inhabitants; in 2007, this relation started to be of an agency for each 10 a thousand inhabitants. Moreover, it says the work, the bank agencies if they had concentrated in the States richest of the country. According to Ipea, today 156 financial institutions in the Country exist (2007), lesser number that the 230 observed in 1996.O institute sample also that the banking system in Brazil still is small ahead of other countries as Germany that has 2,130 a thousand companies and United States, with 7.282 a thousand. that has concentration in So Paulo. But the So Paulo capital answers for 62,7% of the total of banks in operation, or 99 organizations.

The weight of the public banks in the operations of credit in the country also was reduced, fell of 58,1% in 1996 for 2006.Dados 31,9% in as these strengthen the vision of that the Brazilian banking system is ‘ ‘ fechado’ ‘ , avesso the insensitive competition and to the demands of resources of the society. Unhappyly the reality finishes for galvanizing in unconscious the collective one of the society that the banks are villainous of the economic development, worried only in generating gigantic profits without never dividiz them with the society. We know that this picture is not true, and a economy without banks is virtually impossible. But, with ‘ ‘ empoamento of liquidez’ ‘ the increase of the taxes of interests, to defend turns them flag that nor most liberal of the economists seems made use in raising.

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